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Welcome to the Student Money Management Services News Blog, Where you can learn about finances as well as keep up with Student Money Management Services!

Simple and Easy Money Management Tips for Students

Saving and managing your money can be a very easy process; However if you are not careful, it's even easier to spend money if you are not tracking your money. Sometimes simply making a mental note can help but you can't remember everything without being organized!

1. Take advantage: There are tons of ways to save money in your daily activities! You can use coupons when eating out or buying groceries, your student ID can save you money on movies, transportation, bowling and plenty of other entertainment.

2. Be safe: Protecting yourself from theft and fraud can save you a lot of money! Don't give out your social security number, credit card, or account numbers. Always review bank statements, and utility bills to check for unauthorized use or

 inappropriate charges.

3. Understand: Don't fool yourself and think that you can afford a purchase because you have a large limit on your credit card. Use the card solely to grow your credit by paying items off. Don't make the purchase without already having the 

money to do so!

4. Budget: Find out exactly how much money you have, the amount of money you have coming in and how much you are spending. If you are lacking funds, break your expenses into "needs" and "wants" to find out what you can cut down and what you can cut out. Make sure all of your needs are taken care of before purchasing wants that will cause you to overspend.

5. Stick to it: Keeping up with your budget may be hard at first, but just remember to keep at it like you're working out, in due time you will see results!

6. Back up: Throw extra money from that paycheck into your emergency fund, you never know when a car could break down or you may have some other unexpected expense appear from thin air. Having a little extra money saved up never hurt anyone!

7. Remember: Use a large calendar to write down any due dates from scholarships to rent, school expenses and any activities you want to attend throughout the month.

8. Look Twice: Always check for a better deal, see if there is another place you can buy your school books, or perhaps you can find a used one.

9. Communication: Talk with your parents, roommates or any friends that you may be sharing expenses with or receiving money from. Make sure it is clear who is paying for what so that there are never unexpected expenses!

10. Assistance: There is always someone to help you in your college crisis, whether it means calling home or setting an appointment with a financial services advisor, you will make it through and earn that degree!

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