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FIN 101

I Want More Personal Finance!

Want to learn more? Do you want to learn about taxes, home mortgages, and investments? The University of Kansas School of Business provides a class that can help. There are no prerequisites besides basic math and you do not need to be a Business student to enroll. We highly recommend this class to all students of all majors. Click here to figure out when the class is offered and search for "FIN 101" or "FIN 301".

FIN 101 Finance - Personal Finance (3)

This course will provide the tools to help you better understand and improve the financial decisions you'll make throughout your life. You will learn how to analyze the financial effects of spending and investing decisions and how to use credit well, including credit cards. You will develop an understanding of the basics of mortgages, purchase (rent) versus lease (buy) decisions, savings, investments, and insurance. You will acquire an appreciation of the time value of money that provides a foundation for reasonable financial planning. Given the basic tools and terminology you'll learn, the course will help you develop solutions to various practical financial problems that you will face.

FIN 301 Finance - Personal Finance (3)

(Same as FIN 101 plus) The course will include the preparation of a basic investment portfolio and brief presentation as to its merits. Not open to students who have taken FIN 101.

See more about FIN 101/301 and BUS 101 from the School of Business

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