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You can count on SMMS to provide you with all of the right answers, here's a few things you should know!

  • What is goal-based budgeting?
    Goal-based budgeting is creating a budget without any consideration of what has been spent in the past. Each item is evaluated individually based upon the goals you have set for yourself and/or family.
  • I have bad credit, what do I do?
    You are not alone; millions of people have trouble with their credit.  Before you can determine exactly how to improve your credit, you need to find out why your credit is poor in the first place.  We recommend that you obtain copies of your credit reports and scores from all three of the credit reporting agencies to find out exactly what is hurting your credit. 
  • What is a minimum balance requirement?
    Many banks will consider their checking account to be free but require that you have a minimum balance amount in order to avoid fees.
  • Will I be able to save my electronic MPN prior to submitting it and return at a later time to complete it?
    No. You will need to complete the entire electronic MPN process in a single session. If you exit the Web Site before submitting your signed MPN and return later, you will have to start over from the beginning of the process.
  • I’m thinking of opening a long-term savings account, I want to make sure I could have the best interest possible, what do you suggest?
    The best way is to start exploring is through “America’s Best Rates” on Moneyrate.com.  This website will give you a list of  banks that offer a consistent high yields. Then go to Bankrate.com to see if any of those banks are around your area. This website also allow you to compare all the banks within your city limits along with the interest rate they offer.

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